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    Autonomous Lifting ROV ATOLL
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    FORSSEA smart docking and latching system
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    Quick Calibration
  • As the industry of offshore autonomous robotics is developing fast, there is an increasing need to combine technologies to offer cheaper and fit-for-purpose solutions.

    FORSSEA’s Atoll vehicle has been designed to deploy and recover light assets. This revolutionary LBL deployment method allows operators to drastically reduce costs on both their development projects and life of field operations

  • Save OPEX by reducing vessel size
  • Low manning to operate the ATOLL system (2-3 PAX) thanks to advanced autonomous functionalities
  • Increase offshore planning flexibility
  • Optimize PSV deck-space and use-rate (ATOLL spread < 80m² on deck)

Operational Scenarios

Temporary LBL Frames

  • FORSSEA quick latching system mounted on frames
  • Frames can be manually assembled and stored on PSV deck

Already Installed Frame Network

  • Quick latching system mounted on beacon and beacon basket
  • Use of beacon basket to reduce downtimes
Régis Mortier, former Kaombo lead surveyor

ATOLL combined with an USV is offering companies big cost savings opportunities in the context of an LBL Deployment

Régis Mortier, former Kaombo lead surveyor