• 1
    Technology is embedded inside FORSSEA’s NAV CAM SUBSEA for easy use by ROV or AUVs NAV CAM SUBSEA
  • 2
    Target Tracking & Attitude monitoring during installation
  • 3
    Resident markers
 for real-time identification and positioning
  • 4
    ROV or AUV close navigation and docking
  • 5
    AUV Navigation Corridors
    (Reduced intertial drift)
  • Up to 10,000 markers for structure identification
  • Markers qualified for +25y immersions (resistant to marine growth)
  • Based on an open source technology to allow 3rd parties to interact with marker network
  • Compatible with Geographic Information Systems and Augmented Reality solutions
  • Reduce inertial drift of ROV / AUV sensors

Why chose FORSSEA instead of open source?

(ArUco + OpenCV)
(embedded NAV CAM solution)
Relative XYZ Accuracy at 3m ROV flying distance 10-20mm 3mm
Relative Attitude Accuracy (Heading/Pitch/Roll) at 3mROV flying distance 10-20° 0.3°
Error models for interacting with ROV/AUV Inertial Navigation System
Camera Standardized Lab Calibration
Turbidity Performances x5-10 more detection