HD Computer Vision GigE Camera

  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Plug & Play
  • 3D & Stereo Vision

The SMART CAM HD 2000 & 6000 designed by FORSSEA ROBOTICS is a fixed focus High Defintion Camera adapted for advanced subsea vision applications. The camera is ideal to equip ROV/AUV for underwater photogrammetry or stereo embedded vision. The focal length is easily adjustable to capture images at very close range. The camera comes fully calibrated with software lens distortion correction.


Inspection & Monitoring IP Camera

  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • HD video
  • TCP/IP Control
  • Advanced Functionalities

The OBS CAM is a 4000m Titanium IP camera that provides HD video streaming over Ethernet at the lowest bandwidth, latency and power. It is ideally suited for low and black light applications. OBS CAM comes with full HD 30x optical zoom with easy to use HTTP based control interface. Additional capabilities also available include integrated auto-focus and visibility enhancer. These features make the OBS CAM a perfect fit for inspection and remote monitoring applications.

All in one ROV/AUV Visual Based Navigation Control Center

  • Real-Time Embedded intelligence
  • Survey Graded Optical Sensor
  • Certified Lab Calibration
  • Plug & Play with intertial navigation systems

NavCam is an all-in-one ROV/AUV visual based navigation and control centre. NAV CAM features an embedded GPU integrated pressure sensor and Inertial Navigation System. Image treatments are processed in real-time using dedicated software to achieve highly accurate positioning. NAV CAM is the first step to providing autonomous capabilities to existing ROV systems.

NAV CAM embedded software

V-LOC (Visual Localization)

  • V-LOC calculates marker’s heading and attitude
  • Camera Heading, Pitch and Yaw is taken from ROV Gyro
  • Yard DIMCON determines relative positions between structure and marker

NAV CAM embedded software

Artificial Intelligence Toolbox

Asset Detection

NAV CAM can help any AUV or ROV to detect, identify and track both fixed and moving assets. We use 3D models and subsea simulator to train our algorithms

Pipeline Tracking

NAV CAM can help any AUV or ROV to track and follow underwater pile lines thanks to AI and real-time embedded image processing

On-Demand AI Toolbox

Custom made developments available on demand with real-time processing for both ROV and AUVs


Improved Visibility in the most turbid underwater conditions

  • Polarized Lights
  • Real-Time Treatement
  • ROV Mountable
  • Dedicated User-Screen

POLAR-X is Forssea Robotics patented development in real-time subsea enhanced vision where a Smart Camera is used with polarized lights and real-time embedded software to reduce back scatering effect of turbidity.

POLAR’X technology is adaptable on demand to any ROV system (SD or HD camera) through licensing options.