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Best in its class for light operations and remote supervision.

ARGOS ROV is a compact and modern Obs-Class ROV designed to enhance subsea operation efficiency in free-flying mode from light opportunity vessels. Easily configurable with market leading tooling and survey sensor, ARGOS is reshaping the way we perform subsea surveys while keeping a high safety standard.

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Offshore Wind

Forssea Robotics Argos ROV

ARGOS has been specifically designed for coastal asset visual inspection and cable route surveys.

Thanks to highly accurate navigation and positioning, ARGOS ROV can be deployed from any opportunity vessel or USV to perform autonomous flights with a secure remote control link.

Oil & Gas

Forssea Robotics Argos ROV

ARGOS ROV is suitable for IRM work from offshore opportunity vessels or topside in free flying mode. ARGOS can embark a versatile payload including CP probes, electrical cleaning brush, UTM or flooded member detection (FMD) gauges.


Forssea Robotics Argos ROV

ARGOS ROV is an ideal solution for turnkey scientific or environmental costal surveys. We assist our clients with engineering and tooling solutions to match the perfect payload.


Forssea Robotics Argos ROV

ARGOS ROV is the perfect match for inspection and light intervention work in free flying mode. ARGOS can assist diving work, UXO survey and mine warfare with the appropriate subsea imaging system and ultra-high performance positioning. Learn & Go-To navigation mode will allow navy expert to reach targets faster.


Our ROV fleet supports your subsea projects around the globe with high level of expertise and quality standards. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive quotes and availability.


Autonomous Flight

Forssea Robotics Argos ROV

ARGOS ROV integrates world leading INS/DVL sensor to allow autonomous flight options easily interfaceable with existing mission planner and digital twin solutions.

  • Manual Assisted Piloting
  • Learn Way Point & Go-To
  • Follow Vessel (or USV)
  • Relative Navigation
  • Path Following compatible with digital twin & Market Leading path planner

Remote Supervision

Forssea Robotics Argos Remote Supervision

Secured embedded network easily interfaceable with existing ROC (Remote Operation Centers).

  • Full Web based Control & Image Broadcast
  • Latency Optimized System
  • ROV network secured with firewall
  • VPN access compatible with OpenVPN, WireGuard, & IPSec
  • Cyber Resilient System (secure boot, secure update, secure configuration)

USV Interfacing

Forssea Robotics Argos ROV

We believe that home for resident vehicles is not the seabed but USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicles). Our technology offering includes:

  • Compact power and network management devices
  • Free flying safe tether kit
  • Compatibility with USV mission planner
  • Combined Navigation & Fail Safe Modes

Data Management

Forssea Robotics Argos ROV

Data georeferenced cloud platform for mission planning and integrity management.

Coming Soon


ARGOS ROV can be "white branded" with various embedded software or API integration options to support R&D work, or even more ambitious remote deployments.

ARGOS Rental Options

ARGOS ROV is available for short and long term rentals through a Pay-As-You-Use model. ROV is coming with a standard kit and various customization options.

Forssea Robotics Argos ROV
Forssea Robotics Argos Winch w/ 300M Tether
Winch w/ 300M Tether
Forssea Robotics Argos 10kW Surface Unit
10kW Surface Unit
Forssea Robotics Argos Hand Controller
Hand Controller
Forssea Robotics Argos HD Screen Set
HD Screen Set
Forssea Robotics Argos Sonar
Forssea Robotics Argos CP Probe
CP Probe
Forssea Robotics Argos ROVINS Nano (Exail) + DVL (Nordtek)
ROVINS Nano (Exail) + DVL (Nordtek)
Forssea Robotics Argos Free Flying Kit
Free Flying Kit
Forssea Robotics Argos Video Recording
Video Recording
Forssea Robotics Argos 10 Ft Control Room
10 Ft Control Room
Forssea Robotics Argos Mobile Lars
Mobile Lars
Forssea Robotics Argos Manipulator
Forssea Robotics Argos 2x Manipulators
2x Manipulators
Forssea Robotics Argos Cleaning
Forssea Robotics Argos Flooded Member Detection
Flooded Member Detection
Forssea Robotics Argos Cable Tracker
Cable Tracker
Forssea Robotics Argos Pipe Tracker
Pipe Tracker
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