Hybrid Light-Intervention Smart ROV

  • 30kg Payload (Survey Tooling Skid)
  • Hybrid (Tether or Battery Powered)
  • TCP/IP Real-Time Control
  • All Electric ROV

ARGOS ROV embraces the latest advances in ROV technology that the industry has come to demand and expect from modern ROV design. ARGOS is compact in design and is primarily suited to inspection and light intervention tasks. 
The vehicle is powerful enough to perform maintenance and repair duties with use of the optional electric five function manipulator arm and tooling skid interfaces.
The standard system has been designed and built to 500m depth rating, however the unique design of this ROV allows the vehicle to be extended up to 2000m with simple modifications.


Autonomous Lifting ROV

  • Quick-latching system
  • Adapted to light vessels
  • Go-To mode
  • Visual Docking

ATOLL (patented system) is an observation ROV deployable from a light vessel. The system can perform a fully autonomous approach and docking based on embedded control algorithms. Once the link is obtained to the seabed target, ATOLL can either transfer power & data, or mechanically engage the target for recovery back to surface and valve manipulation.
ATOLL comes with dedicated LARS system or can be adapted to any LARS or crane system.