Smart Cameras

Underwater & Special Cameras

Knowledge acquired through many years of ROV development has pushed in-house camera manufacturing, from inspection solutions to advanced visual navigation.

Forssea Robotics SMART CAM

Smart Cam

HD computer vision GigE camera suited for academic or R&D work.

Forssea Robotics OBS CAM

Obs Cam

Inspection & monitoring IP camera, suited for low and black light applications (30x optical zoom).

Forssea Robotics NAV CAM SUBSEA

Nav Cam Subsea

Pre-calibrated camera for target tracking coming with our V-LOC® proprietary embedded software suite.

Forssea Robotics RESIDENT CAMERA


Resident Camera System for real-time underwater vision and scientific observatories deployment.

Forssea Robotics Atex System

Atex System

Various housing customization for visual identification, tracking and positioning in explosive and extreme environments.

V-LOC® (Visual Localization)

V-LOC® calculates assets relative coordinates thanks to open-source tags which are affixed to them. Our technology is embedded inside a pre-calibrated camera available for highly accurate marine surveys.

v-loc-subsea-3d NAV CAM SUBSEA ROV STRUCTURE Marker Gyro Heading Attitude v-loc-subsea-2d STRUCTURE Heading Marker NAV CAM SUBSEA Attitude ROV Gyro

Compatible with Survey & Navigation Suite

  • V-LOC® calculates relative marker’s heading and attitude
  • Camera Heading, Pitch and Yaw is derived from ROV Gyro
  • Yard DIMCON determines relative positions between structure and marker


Structure Tracking

Forssea Robotics Structure Tracking

Examples of use:

  • Asset tracking during descent and landing (monopile, Xmas tree, BOP)
  • Monopile inclination monitoring

System typical Accuracy of 3mm and 0.3° at 3m ROV flying distance


Forssea Robotics Docking

Examples of use:

  • ROV visual docking in garage or TMS
  • AUV visual docking in resident station
  • AUV recovery
  • Relative visual positioning


Forssea Robotics Docking

Examples of use:

  • Asset or valve identification
  • PLET or FLET buckling or walking monitoring
  • Resident vehicle position update in accordance with GIS and digital twin


Forssea Robotics Docking

V-LOC® offers INS position update to facilitate resident vehicle navigation.


We can assist your project with customization options and technical support.

Our engineering team intervenes globally for training purpose or offshore support.

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