• 1
    Smart ROV platform ARGOS
  • 2
    Shallow water surveys from USV with versatile payload
  • 3
    Untethered mode thanks to wireless modem
  • 4
    Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Services

    Photogrammetry, NDT, survey, torque tool, manipulator, Visual Pipe Tracking…
  • 5
    Wireless data Transfer
  • 6
    Fully Resident Mode Compatible with charging Station
  • Save OPEX by reducing vessel size
  • Easy access to electronic for quick maintenance
  • Cheaper than most competitors
  • Tethered hybrid option
  • Long immersion mechanical and electrical design
  • Real-time control over TCP/IP
  • Highly versatile platform with custom made payload
  • Visual based positionning for close navigation and landing onto charging station
  • FORSSEA mission planning programming
  • Station keeping fail safe mode thanks to additonnal battery skid